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Our Mission

We aim to provide high quality, pro-bono consulting services to help your business become more successful. All we ask for is a little bit of your time! Each engagement is composed of a highly motivated team of undergraduate business analysts who are mentored by MBA candidates and consultants from top firms. Through this team, we come up with sustainable solutions to help your business thrive.

Our Services


Industry, Competitor, Company, and Customer Analysis

Capital Infusion


Strategic Implementation

Programs and Services Launch


Increasing Profitability

Improving Competitive Positioning

Risk Tolerance Analysis


Developing Economic Resilience

Increasing Productivity

"We had an amazing time working with CYC UCLA! From their highly polished presentations to their well-thought out insights and suggestions, we are extremely grateful for their help in planning out our product roadmap for the upcoming months. Their advice has prepared us for the upcoming release of our next title and allowed us to begin the work needed to prepare for marketing at scale."

Alvin Vuong

CEO, Escality, LLC

"If I was running for office, this is the kind of team I would want around me! The team members have not only proven themselves to be dedicated to excellence, but they've been personable and a pleasure to work with!"

Fracesco Da Vinco

CEO, Francesco Productions

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